#6 – Krish & Amana Trobe – Nourishing Relationships

Dr. Krishnananda Trobe is trained as a psychiatrist with degrees from Harvard and the University of California. Amana Trobe has trained in Non-Violent Communication, Inner Child Work, Counseling, Light Puncture and Cranio-Sacral Balancing. Krish and Amana are the Founders of the Learning Love Institut and they have been leading seminars together since 1995.

The growth happens when we get disappointed

Their work has developed out of their experience being in a love relationship for many years and is inspired by the teachings of their spiritual master, Osho. The Learning Love Work is a process to learn to live a life of love, creativity and inner silence.

In this interview Krish talkes about what it means to be a real and more evolved man and how important it is to embrace both sides inside, the masculine and the feminine. He shares his insights about the significance of being vulnerable and how this creates a nourishing, fulfilling, soothing and deep relationship for both partners. He highlights the challenges in facing our own wounds and understanding our own emotional package in order to be successful on a common journey.

In the second part of the conversation Amana speaks about why it is crucial to catch the moment when we get disturbed in order to have the option to not only react out of an old pattern, but to decide whether we want to act from a place of reflected wisdom. Furthermore we talked about the fact that growth happens when we get disappointed, and manage to take responsibility and deal with our feelings. Sensitively, Amana shares how the exploration of these inner spaces opens a door to deeply hidden feelings and by getting in touch with and by expressing these feelings, we become empowered and learn how to create intimacy.

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