#31 – Hernando Villa – Venture into the unknown, let your primal force shine through

Hernando Villa is a healer, father, husband, human rights activist and environmentalist and by his friends he is called „Nondo“. Together with his wife Kathi von Körber he travels around the world to provide people with a space in which they can heal and grow. He was born in Colombia, where he began to advocate for the needs of underprivileged people and improve their living standards at an early age.

His passion for traditional healing approaches, and ways of life, led him to numerous indigenous tribes and shamans worldwide. He maintains intensive connections, among others, with the Ayuhacos in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Kovanes in the Putumayo region in Colombia.

We are the wisdom of the stones, the plants, the animals and the stars above.

For a few years now, together with several investors and supporters, Nando has been building the Arca de la Tierra, a once deforested valley that is now blooming again, and giving the people there the opportunity to practice their original methods of growing vegetables and medicinal plants in order to become dignified, independent and to be able to operate sustainably.

This is a relaxed conversation about life, primordial wisdom, guidance and the healing force of plant medicine amongst old friends and brothers under the summer sun in the lovely mountains of Switzerland.

We have to be responsible to pursue our own happiness.

I encourage you to take a deep breath, slow down and listen rather with your heart than with your mind, since some parts of Nando’s answers are only accessible by your souls ability to receive and feel.

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