#23 – Alexander Lacey – If you don’t love it, you gonna get killed

Alexander Lacey was only twelve years old, when he first entered the wild cats cage. As the son of the British animal trainers Martin and Susan Lacey, he had his first show at 17 years old. His shows with tigers and lions in the Circus Krone are well known all over Europe. When not on Tour, he lives and works with his family on the Krone-Farm near Munich, where he is also very committed to protecting wild animals all over the world. His humble and very likable personality has touched me from the beginning.

It’s a commitment, a dedication. It comes easy when you love it!

In our interview, Alexander talks about his love for his profession, and about what kind of mindset you need to work closely with 13 lions and tigers on a daily basis. We also talk about courage, intention, fear, clarity and the necessity for absolute presence, in every moment.

In his authentic and humorous way he claims that if you want to have a good relationship with the animal, you have to make it work, and that needs a lot of commitment and dedication! He says this is also true for a good marriage or our relationship with children: „If you want that to work, you have to really spend a lot of time with them, and you have to really dedicate yourself to that – and sometimes it’s hard work. But it comes easy when you love it!

When you think you know it all one comes along and you realize you don’t know anything.

Futher on he portrays very well, how we can withstand difficult and challenging situations in life, without loosing our joy along the way.

He says: „Every day is different – you learn something new every day. When you think you know it all, one big Cat comes along, and you realize you don’t know anything.“

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